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Karl first encountered tabletop roleplaying during his university years quite by chance. A wargame tourney at a local convention didn’t materialize and Karl found himself swept up into an AD&D tournament.

Fascinated by the strange polyhedral dice and weird armour class calculations, he sat down at a table and played his first character, a sentient body snatching magic belt.

Three editions, a couple of houses and many years later, Karl was lost in the suburbs without a gaming group and decided that his predicament was not an acceptable state of being. He started a local RPG gaming group, and invited more and more DMs and players until there were multiple groups each game night. This was not enough, so Karl began to hunt for GMs who ran different systems (FATE, Cypher, Savage Worlds whatever). Still it was not enough and larger events were planned and carried out. Yet this was still not enough so he joined a group to run even more larger events. Where will this mad man stop?

Fun Fact: Karl detests cats and by extension Tabaxi. He apologizes in advanced if they die horribly and repeatedly in any games he runs.